Data Services

Service Level 1 – Core Storage and Retrieval

This service level provides a “virtual warehouse” to securely store and manage your core library. The following features are provided:

  • Core storage and archive management (geographically redundant)
  • Online core inventory reporting and dashboards (core manifest)
  • On-line booking facility to retrieve copies of stored data
  • Secure multiple user access with permission levels to control access to areas of the core library (e.g. by drill hole / project) and core
  • library features (e.g. data retrieval, inventory, user administration)

Service Level 2 – Core Visualisation

This service level provides an online visualisation service allowing global access to your core library and associated imagery and abundance products. The visualisation system allows access to core photographs, mineral maps, mineral abundance data and other assay
information via an interactive web portal. The following features are provided:

  • Viewing of core photos at both drill hole and core box scale
  • Viewing of mineral abundance
  • Browse core hole locations on a map
  • Secure multiple user access with different permission levels
  • Optimised image delivery to provide effective performance in low bandwidth environments (i.e. remote site access to core imagery)